Expertise in machining

Häuser + Renner manufactures ready-to-install, high-quality precision parts using state-of-the-art CNC machining.

Häuser + Renner is an expert in the machining industry for CNC lathing and CNC milling.

The globally active company supplies ready-to-install precision parts and fully assembled components made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals in batch sizes ranging from 1-10,000 pieces.

The goal of our company is always maximum customer satisfaction through competence, quality and delivery reliability.
The management

Harald Renner has successfully managed Häuser + Renner since 1991. In order to help shape the company succession in the family business, Dr. Marius Renner has been a member of the management in the 3rd generation since 2019. In addition, plant manager Daniel Neubrand has been the central interface between management and production since 2018. He is also the technical contact person for our customers.
Strong into the future

Our aim is to be a modern company with advanced production technologies, which is able to compete internationally and at the same time is an attractive employer in the region. In the long term, we want to manufacture cost-efficiently in Germany and always deliver the quality that "Made in Germany" stands for.

This is associated with attractive jobs on the one hand and a clear commitment to a modern company that invests in its future and intends to continue to operate in the market in the long term.

Investment in the further development of the company

  • Doubling of the production area to expand capacity, enabling us to serve an even larger circle of customers
  • Consistent use of robotics and automation solutions to continuously increase productivity
  • Development into a digital, networked company that avoids paper as far as possible

By 2021 we will be a largely green company through extensive investments

  • Air cleaning unit with heat recovery incl. air conditioning
  • Use of machine waste heat for heating more building parts
  • Future energy mix: geothermal energy + PV (no oil)

Further training and deepening of employees' specialist knowledge

The backbone of Häuser + Renner is a strong team of highly qualified specialists, whose skills are continually being developed. Among others, the focus is on deepening the CAD/CAM programming skills of the employees in order to efficiently manufacture sophisticated precision parts. Further training in this area is a central element in ensuring that the following will continue to apply in the future: "Everyone at Häuser + Renner delivers quality.”

Career at Häuser + Renner

Apprenticeships to secure and expand professional competence in the long term

In-house apprenticeship has always been considered an important pillar for securing professional competence. Currently, two apprentices are undergoing their apprenticeship as "precision mechanics". With our commitment to apprenticeships in precision mechanics, Häuser + Renner emphasizes the value of craftsmanship and remains true to its roots in the sewing machine industry. As a result, we are not only able to manufacture high-precision parts, but can also offer the assembly of complete assemblies.

Apprenticeship at Häuser + Renner
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